Welcome to the Lambeth Safeguarding Children Board

The Lambeth Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is a statutory partnership with lead responsibility for coordinating and scrutinising the effectiveness of what is done locally to improve safeguarding outcomes for children and young people and promoting the welfare of children in Lambeth.

The LSCB is currently running a Female Genital Mutilation campaign, please support it!


The Lambeth FGM multi-agency guidance (see Resources below) provides information on various aspects such as:

  • identifying when a girl (including an unborn girl) or young woman may be at risk of FGM and responding appropriately to protect them;
  • identifying when a girl or young woman has had FGM and responding appropriately to support them; and
  • measures that can be implemented to prevent and ultimately eradicate the practice of FGM
  • organisations in Lambeth that provide advice and support around FGM.

Please also refer to the London Child Protection Procedures on FGM.

Read how to support the FGM campaign that the LSCB runs at times of increased risk such as prior to school summer holidays:

How can you help?
Please display and distribute the below information leaflet for parents, carers and families which covers key points about Female Genital Mutilation.

- Cover the campaign on your website and/or newsletter, tweet and retweet #LambethAgainstFGM