Business Management Group (BMG)

The Business Management Group will be accountable to the LSCB.

It will support the Chair by leading oversight of delivery against this strategy, ensuring ongoing alignment between the work of the sub-groups and scrutinising and reporting on progress towards outcomes.

Sub-groups will be responsible for delivery and day to day monitoring. They will be led by a chair accountable to the LSCB who will also be a member of the Business Management Group.


Serious Case Review Sub Group (SCR)

The SCR sub group will meet as and when required to commission and monitor progress with SCRs (as per Working Together 2015, Chapter 4) and Learning Reviews.


Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)

CDOP is responsible for carrying out reviews to all child deaths from birth to 18 years old, with exception to stillbirths and planned terminations; identifying modifiable factors and making recommendations so similar deaths are prevented in the future.

CDOP is going electronic from Tuesday 24 April 2018. This means all Child Death Notifications and subsequent forms will be required on line.

Reporting and Managing a Child Death

To notify us of the death of a child resident in Lambeth please follow the link below to complete your Form A within 24hrs.

If you have any problems with submitting a notification via the above link please contact: 

Indra Gavenaite

Tel: 02075253105


Professionals required to complete a Form B will be contacted directly by CDOP.


Performance and Quality Assurance Sub Group (PQA)

The PQA sub group will be responsible for performance monitoring and quality assurance which will include:

  • the development and maintenance of the performance digest

  • the multi-agency audit programme and self-assessments (s11 audits)

  • identifying and monitoring actions and learning from SCRs, Learning reviews, CDOP feedback and national learning

Meeting Dates and Minutes 2019


Learning and Professional Development Sub Group (LPD)

The LPD sub group will be responsible for analysis of learning needs, disseminating and embedding learning and developing/ commissioning multi agency training. The sub group will also develop and review policies and protocols, evaluating the impact of these activities and carry out an annual stocktake of training in Lambeth.

Meeting Dates and Minutes 2019


Communication and Engagement Sub Group (CE)

The CE sub group will be responsible for engaging children, families and service users in providing feedback, raising awareness, ensuring alignment of campaigns and activities across agencies. The CE sub group will have responsibility for delivering LSCB events and conferences including oversight and monitoring of communication channels e.g. website, e-bulletin.


Meeting Dates and Minutes 2019


Young People at Risk Sub Group (YPaR)

The YPaR subgroup ensures a more joined up and strategic response to young people at risk. This sub group will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of the YPaR Strategy agreed by the LSCB and arising from the YPaR task and finish group in 2017. The focus of the YPaR sub group is children and young people who may be at risk of CSE, missing from home, care or education, serious youth violence, involvement with gangs, county lines and/ or radicalization.


Meeting Dates and Minutes 2019