Young Carers

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A young carer is anyone aged between 5 – 18 years old whose life is impacted in some way because they help look after someone with:

· A long-term illness/condition

· A physical or learning disability

· A drug or alcohol problem

· A mental health condition

The person being cared for could be a parent, sibling or other relative who presents with an illness or disability that limits their ability to carry out daily activities and responsibilities, which requires additional support from the young person.


The young person may be providing

  • Personal Care - assisting with bathing, dressing or the toilet

  • Practical Care – helping with the housework, shopping, preparing meals, caring for siblings;

  • Emotional Care – listening to / talking through issues and difficulties for the cared for person

With so many adult responsibilities, young carers often miss out on opportunities that other children have to play and learn.

If your child or someone you know is a young carer, you can contact the Carers Hub Lambeth - Young Carers Service below for advice or activities for young carers in Lambeth.


Carers Hub Lambeth - Young Carers Service:

The Young Carers Service is part of Carers Hub Lambeth, a charity offering services to anyone who provides unpaid care and support, either living in Lambeth or caring for someone in Lambeth. The Young Carers Service offers support to young carers (5-16) and young adult carers aged (16-21).

Referrals to the Young Carers Service are accepted from all sources including self-referrals.

If your child is taking on what would usually be adult duties and responsibilities, and this is impacting on their own life then this would be an appropriate referral to the Young Carers Service. The team would then meet with you and your child to complete a short assessment to identify what impact this is having on the young carer.

What the Young Carers Service provides:

  • Information and support for young carers, their families and professionals

  • 1:1 emotional support

  • Support identifying young carers in schools

  • Activities: day trips during the school holidays

  • Monthly Young Carers Forums for 12+

  • Monthly peer-support groups for 16+

  • Events

  • Newsletters

    Call Carers Hub Lambeth – Young Carers Service on 0207 501 8972 or email

Further support: