Serious Case Reviews and Learning and Improvement Reviews

There are different types of reviews a LSCB undertakes in order to further learning and improve safeguarding in the borough.

Serious case reviews are local enquiries into the death or serious injury of a child where abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor. They are carried out by Local Safeguarding Children Boards so that lessons can be learned.

A Learning and Improvement Review may be undertaken when there has been a child protection incident but the criteria or threshold for a Serious Case Review has not been met however it is believed that the case does provide lessons of broader relevance.

For more information please see the document below.

Lambeth Serious Case Reviews

The most recent published Serious Case Review (SCR) was into the death of Child J (LSCB Publication 7th March 2016). Please find the SCR report and the Briefing slides to cascade the learning from this tragic death below.

Prior to the SCR into the death of Child J, there were Child H and I. Please find their reports below.


Learning and Improvement Reviews

Aravindan Balakrishnan -

The report from the Hidden Child Learning Review will be published soon. It was undertaken in September 2016 in response to the Balakrishnan case and approved by the LSCB in July 2017; it provided invaluable learning.