Level 1 Safeguarding Children training (Kwango)

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LSCB Level 1 safeguarding children training is offered in the form of an e-learning package by Kwango. This is compliant with Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015. 

The training package can be used to assist agencies with their initial safeguarding induction for staff and volunteers. It should be used to support the immediate provision of basic information to staff and volunteers prior to accessing training within their own agency or via the multi-agency courses provided by LSCB. The Safeguarding Children e-learning package is designed to help staff and volunteers to:

  • Understand signs and symptoms of child abuse
  • Be aware of the inquiries and legislation underpinning child protection
  • Know what to do if abuse is suspected
  • Develop some useful assessment skills
  • Be clear about sharing information with others
  • Understand local child protection systems
  • Link with the Children, Young People and Family Workforce Development Common Induction Standards
  • Transfer Knowledge from this programme to the workplace

How to register and log in

To log into the Safeguarding Level 1 online training, visit the Kwango website.

Follow these steps below to Create an Account

  1. Username: Enter your first and last name
  2. Email address: Enter your work email address
  3. Password: Create your own password
  4. Confirm Password: Confirm your password
  5. Organsiational Code: Enter the following code: lamblscb
  6. Once logged in enter your area of work. Choose the option that describes the agency where you are employed.

You are now ready to begin the e-learning training course.

Other E-Learning

Below are various links to further online training in regards to a range of safeguarding issues.

Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation (by PACE)

Awareness of Forced Marriage (by the Home Office)

Female Genital Mutilation (CPD Certified)

Mental Capacity Act (MCA) resource

Prevent Radicalisation (by the Home Office)

Channel General Awareness training (by the Home Office)

Radicalisation - Channel General Awareness

Seen and Heard - Recognising abuse (by the NHS and Children Society)

Coping with Crying babies - For health visitors, midwifes and children centre staff (by NSPCC)

First Aid Training:

If you are interested in attending first aid training, please contact St John Ambulance. They are the Nation’s leading First Aid Charity. St John Ambulance also offers low cost Training Courses for the General Public.

You can view First Aid Advice Videos on their website – including specific Videos for parents or carers of children.

If there are further safeguarding areas that you would like to suggest for the LSCB to consider providing training for, please send your suggestions to the LSCB Admin Officer Danielle Richardson drichardson@Lambeth.gov.uk