Level 1 Safeguarding Children training

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This e-learning course will help to ensure that all people working with or who have contact with children and young people are equipped to carry out their safeguarding responsibilities effectively.


This course will enable you to:

  • Learn the background and legal basis for safeguarding

  • Understand the importance of serious case reviews

  • Understand the origins and core functions of Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards

  • Know what is meant by safeguarding and child protection

  • Learn the definition of child protection and child abuse

  • Understand the concept of significant harm

  • Learn the key principles of child protection

  • Know what to do if child abuse is suspected

  • Know who abuses children

  • Learn the definitions of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect

  • Know the causes of abuse

  • Learn how to recognise signs of abuse from the victim and perpetrator

  • Know the effects of abuse on children

  • Learn how to and how not to respond to concern that a child is at risk of harm

  • Know what information to record

  • Know what to do if you have concern

  • Learn how to respond to a disclosure or allegation of abuse or neglect.


The course takes approximately 40-60 minutes per section, with a short quiz of knowledge and evaluation from at the end of the module for which successful participants will be able to print a certificate.


Safeguarding Children - Level 1 - Part 1 Modules

  • Safeguarding Children Background and the Law Online - 10 Minutes

  • Child Abuse Awareness Online – 20 Minutes

  • Recognising Abuse and Neglect Online – 30 Minutes


Safeguarding Children - Level 1 - Part 2 Modules

  • If You Have Concern Online - 20 minutes

  • Responding to a Disclosure - What You Should Do Online - 20 Minutes


Me Learning is certified as conforming to universally accepted CPD (Continuing Personal or Professional Development) guidelines. Look out for the CPD logo on qualifying courses and keep any certificates in your training record.


Before registering - it is important to read the user guide thoroughly - if you sign up incorrectly you may not be able to access the course.



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Other E-Learning

Below are various links to further online training in regards to a range of safeguarding issues.

Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation (by PACE)

Awareness of Forced Marriage (by the Home Office)

Female Genital Mutilation (CPD Certified)

Mental Capacity Act (MCA) resource

Prevent Radicalisation (by the Home Office)

Channel General Awareness training (by the Home Office)

Radicalisation - Channel General Awareness

Seen and Heard - Recognising abuse (by the NHS and Children Society)

Coping with Crying babies - For health visitors, midwifes and children centre staff (by NSPCC)

First Aid Training:

If you are interested in attending first aid training, please contact St John Ambulance. They are the Nation’s leading First Aid Charity. St John Ambulance also offers low cost Training Courses for the General Public.

You can view First Aid Advice Videos on their website – including specific Videos for parents or carers of children.

If there are further safeguarding areas that you would like to suggest for the LSCB to consider providing training for, please send your suggestions to LambethSCB@Lambeth.gov.uk