Mental Health

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Your mental health and emotional wellbeing is very important. Mental health problems are more common than you might think - three children in every classroom have a mental health problem.

There are different types of mental illness and different types of treatments for them. But mental illness is something most people find hard to talk about. There are organisations that provide information about common mental health problems, how to cope with your feelings about it and where you can get more information and advice. Often they provide a helpline as well where you can speak to someone anonymously.

If you are worried about things such as eating disorders, depression, self harm and anxiety or someone in your family is suffering from mental illness - speak to someone about it like a teacher, parent, school nurse or a GP. Most schools have a counselling service, and if you need help, you can find out more in your local school.

How do I as ask for help?

Asking an adult for help can be off putting for some young people. You may worry about sharing your thoughts, finding the right person to ask and wonder how to start a difficult conversation.

Childline have a great resource to help you find a way of opening up…take a look here!

Where to get advice and help

BBC Newsround provides information and videos on Depression and Anxiety, have a look.

bEAT is an Eating Disorder charity. You might have heard of anorexia or bulimia which are types of eating disorders. Eating disorders are a range of conditions that can affect someone physically, psychologically and socially. bEAT provides information and how to access support. They also have a Youth Line 0345 634 7650 open to anyone under 25.

Selfharm - information and help about self-harming

Childline - information about your own mental health and how to support family members with mental health issues

Coping with loss - watch a video and other advice how to cope when someone dies 

DocReady - how to broach the subject of mental health with your GP or health professional

Epic Friends  - a site dedicated to addressing mental health issues, and how young people can help their friends who may be struggling to cope emotionally.

Health for Kids - A learning website on health related subjects for children aged 4 – 11 years (and their parents).

Health for Teens - A website developed especially for young people between the ages of 11 – 16 to learn about their health, lifestyle, growing up, feelings and relationships.

Metro - advice for the LGBTQ community including mental health support

Stop Breathe Think  - a friendly, simple tool/app to guide people of all ages and backgrounds in relaxation methods and stress relieving mechanisms.

Young Minds - information about many mental health issues and emotional well being.

ChatHealth is a confidential school nurse messaging service for young people aged 11-19 years, living or attending school in Lambeth and Southwark. Young people can get advice and support about health related issues by messaging a school nurse Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm (automatic bounce-backs respond to incoming messages out of hours). The text number for ChatHealth is 07507 332 150.